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PostThu Feb 21, 19 8:49 am     Reply with quote

<<All kiters should be extremely grateful for even that possibility! >>

Are you local? Have you seen the ratio around here of Kiters/Windsurfers?

I am very happy to all work together, but I am not "extremely grateful."

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PostThu Feb 21, 19 10:17 pm     Reply with quote

I sincerely apologize if my insinuation that “kiters should be extremely grateful” that the CGWA was willing to accommodate kiters’ interest in future efforts offended you in any way. That was definitely not my intention. I simply wanted to draw attention to the fact that the congestion and safety issues that are beginning to plague the Gorge are primarily kiter related.

Working together with the windsurfers, allows kiters to draw upon their well established relationships and vast wealth of knowledge. This seems to be a win:win to me for both groups. And like in most successful relationships, attitude is a very important factor in determining its overall success.

Although I do not currently live in the Gorge, I was fortunate to have lived in Mosier, Hood River and White Salmon in years past; and I continue to visit as often as I can. I understand the fragile nature of river access and some of the complexities of the locals views. Once a windsurfer and now a kiter, I acknowledge that it is a delicate balance that must be achieved.

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Since 13 Jan 2006
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PostThu Feb 21, 19 10:24 pm     Reply with quote

I very much appreciate your clarification. I think I could, and should have done a better job voicing my frustration.

My apologies


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PostThu Feb 21, 19 10:56 pm     Reply with quote

Sometimes adding a little structure allows all parties to get along and be happy.

Other times there is no single solution that addresses the concerns and desires of all parties involved.

As we evolve into a new structure that has a broader scope and includes more water users there will be times when our agendas align and others when they do not.

I think it is important to recognize that we are all kindred spirits here. We can have internal discussions regarding the pros and cons of different solutions, but let's always keep a macro view of the real challenges that are presented to us.

Kiters, Windsurfers, Kayakers, SUPers, and other water users all have a basic need for river access. How that access looks and the structure that is developed will frustrate some on a case by case scenario. But, I ask that all sides (kiters and non-kiters) always seek to develop solutions that allow all to enjoy their passions.

Kiting starts at 40MPH

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PostFri Feb 22, 19 6:52 am    THANKS Reply with quote

Thanks so much you guys for the love I'm feeling going on here. Bart has been and will ALWAYS be the Man looking out for our best interests. It's just in his DNA. I moved here from other really cool, before their ego explosion, places,(pm me if you want my list) because of a phrase he coined that rang so true to me, and has proven to be a model of life for me. ATTITUDE IS EVERYTHING!
Sometimes it can be so much easier to forget that, crawl back into your conservative hole, and look out for your own special interests. Hmmm sound too familiar with what's going on in the world??(sorry Big John,this will be my only politics on this forum, but it all starts with 1st awareness then education). Please launch your own" drone"(they were invented here by passionate windsurfers, thanks Lars and Blake), take a good look at your own" Go Pro", analyse what you're doing and saying and putting out to the world on social media, and read between your own lines at what you're saying really means, to both others and most importantly yourself.
yes this IS a political situation, we have a seasoned leader in Bart, who has actual experience in his job of negotiating,understands the power of having money and lack of power without, and knows how to govern with love,( not the other 4 letter word) and can refuel the passion I felt when I moved here as kook windsurfer in 1985. Let's all get out and rally, for OUR cause, the new mission of this newly formed association, safe access for ALL. Pay your dues, and let's get Bart all the money he needs for change, as that seems to be what it takes in this world to succeed, and do it with a big smile!
Inflictor out

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PostSun Apr 14, 19 6:46 pm    CGWA? Reply with quote

Columbia Gorge Watersport Association...seems sensible.

It nicely encompasses all water access communities under a unified umbrella. Don't forget to elect a committee of members representing the various sports.

...then stock up on popcorn, because ya'know, humans. Razz

If you're in PDX hit me up, I'm looking to meet kiters in town. I'm close in NW.

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PostMon Apr 15, 19 7:56 am     Reply with quote

Scouted out the Wunderbar yesterday. There is a massive log 50 ft. long and 3 ft. diameter that has wedged itself between the fishing bench and our access path. The only way to access the bar is now a rock trail above the beach 3 of us made last year. Please improve this trail while using it, there is constant rock movement that needs adjusting every day. The main bar is still there, but the high point has migrated to the east(not so good) more of a wind shadow. The entire west end has changed dramatically with a large tree laying on the beach with kite catching branches waiting for wayward kiters. 3 of the 5 stumps I buoyed last year still have their buoys, but who knows what is lurking below our muddy waters this year.

Every spring we discover new surprises when the water clears and I can't mark them until the water recedes and warms up. Foilers in particular need to be very cautious. This site has turned into an "experts only" launch!


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PostMon Apr 15, 19 10:03 am     Reply with quote

Thanks for the updates.
Sounds like it will be exciting for a while.

curiously observing blurry patterns while slightly distracted

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