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Can I get your opinion?

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PostSun Jun 18, 17 7:09 pm    Can I get your opinion? Reply with quote

I am going to the Gorge next month and was wondering what "must see spots" are on the coast? I am used to downwinders here in Florida, what are the ocean conditions like this time of year?

Tell me what you think of this edit:


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PostMon Jun 19, 17 7:11 am     Reply with quote

First question for you, do you have a good warm wetsuit? Like a 5/4? If not, I wouldn't suggest you kite in the Pacific this time of year. Our winds come from the North and the current like your gulf stream determines the water temperature. Ours comes straight from Alaska making the Summer water conditions in the low 50's.

If you have a good suit, the wind is usually great in the afternoon and there are many places to kite. Look at winds in Ft. Stevens just South of the Oregon/Washington state line. There are many good spots on the Northern coastal area. Sunset Beach, Garibaldi, Manzanita to name a few. Working your way South, there is Lincoln City, Newport, Florence, etc.


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Wind Slither

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PostMon Jun 19, 17 7:12 am     Reply with quote

Hey Chavannes!

We have great down winder set ups. More open beach and less private property right on the beach then you're probably used to. Generally more wind as you head south.

Check in with Josh at Cleanline Surf in Seaside and he can get you oriented.


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Since 14 Oct 2015
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PostMon Jun 19, 17 7:16 am     Reply with quote

That sounds fantastic! Other than 50-degree water. But I do have cold weather gear, so I should be set. I will definitely check out the spots and shops you recommend. Thank you very much.

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PostMon Jun 19, 17 9:54 am     Reply with quote

Take the cold water seriously, I wear a hooded 6/5/4 and 5 mm booties at Manzanita when the air is 80 degrees. Coldest water on the West Coast south of Alaska.

If you want a good and safe down winder hit up Fort Stevens Lot B to Seaside.

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PostTue Jun 20, 17 5:48 am    Warm Reply with quote

So far it's been warm at the Coast. I haven't seen the ice-cream-headache cold upwelling yet. 4/3 and booties in 58 degree water at manzanita and even warmer close in at ft Stevens. I've been out at least once a week and this is the warmest I remember and the coldest for the Gorge. Pm if you are up for a downwinder but yesterday the waves were best north of the Sunset Surf Motel (Manzanita

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PostTue Jun 20, 17 6:41 am     Reply with quote

agreed on warmer than usual ocean, even for surfing and being in the water quite a bit more.

obviously everyone is different with the cold and also the amount of rubber it takes for them to have peace of mind for a long swim/drag/recovery/etc. I think the message is just to be prepared, though it comes across a little dramatic.

Im a 4/3 in the ocean most of summer. The 'upwelling' that is being referred to is when the ocean gets really cold, seems to happen after a couple of days of north wind. Thats about as much as I feel like I need to know about it, maybe someone that is more informed will explain further if you ask. Its the kind of cold that gives you a headache after a duck dive, so pretty effin cold. North, or north'ish, wind is usually what we're kiting on the oregon coast during the summer, so if you get the goods you will likely experience some 'upwelling' cold.

Dood, I hope you have some great northwest sessions.

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PostTue Jun 20, 17 8:03 am     Reply with quote

Water temps on the Oregon coast during summer can vary from 48 degrees to as high as 70 degrees depending on what is happening with the winds, Japanese current and El Ninos. I was kiting on last Sunday and the water was probably a balmy 60 degrees or more and I was suited up with my very thin Oneill 3mm fullsuit and no booties.

However, we are going to get blasted with some strong north winds this week and by Friday the water temps at the beaches will probably drop down to 50 degrees and I will be dressed in my 4/3 Xcel Drylock hooded fullsuit and 3mm booties.

Moral of the story is to look on the internet what the current water temps are at the beaches on that day and dress accordingly. Nothing worse than being under dressed or over dressed for the given day.

By the way current water temp at Stonewall Bank buoy is 59 degrees today, thus I will be using the thin wetsuit for the afternoon kiting. Very Happy

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