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PostFri Sep 12, 14 8:33 am     Reply with quote

Did this in Iterema, Brazil late one night last year. Full moon, steady 9M, 72 degree water/air. Magic once-in-a-lifetime.
Held the glowstick in my teeth to mark my location Smile

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Kip Wylie

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PostFri Sep 12, 14 8:44 am     Reply with quote

Devilish winds but unreal sesh last night! Only Tom, Aaron, and I. 6m with big swell. Great around midnight. Moon at our backs which made it a little difficult to read terrain. We were on the fence when we got there with gusts over 40 but so glad we pulled it off! This opportunity doesn't happen here too often. Need a bigger crew next time!

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PostFri Sep 12, 14 9:54 am     Reply with quote

Big thanks to Jeff for picking us up at rooster and to Tom for coming up with such a wacky plan.

Tips: get 6 green glo sticks from home depot. They put out more light than the other colors (red, blue, purple). Kites are suprisingly difficult to see in the air. Three sticks on a kite (center near valve and trailing edge of wing tips) make it easier to see what it doing. We put two sticks on our boards, one zip tied to the top and another taped to the bottom (under the nose of a surf board in my case). Surf boards are nice because you tend to go over that wave you didn't see rather than through it. Next time I'll zip tie a stick to the back of my helmet so I can be seen down in the water. Was glad I had on the helmet when I ran into that unexpected sand bar...

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PostFri Sep 12, 14 10:23 am    WOW wouldnt do that solo Reply with quote

I did a afteroon sesh at rooster and wind was falling off around 7pm. That seemed like a good thing down to 25 mph from 40 plus. Unfortunatly by the time we got to Dalton it had ramped back up and was nuking. 32 gusting to 42mph @ 11 pm. The moon was up and folks where still go! Brian D only had a 8m so he backed out. Darrin and Aaron put up 6m kites and I was lit on a 7m. The mooonlight was good looking east, Dark and scary looking west. Swell was big and whitewash was iluminated by the moon. Sandbars where invisible. So we rocked the main channel. Glow sticks are madatory! I will do it agian in a heartbeat. However, would prefer west wind for more moonlight/visuals. Thanks Darrin, Aaron and mostly Jeff for late nite launch and shuttle.

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PostFri Sep 12, 14 10:39 am     Reply with quote

That's pretty stellar you guys. Twisted Evil Respect for the effort/attitude. Did anybody get a pic of your guys glowing it up??? With the moon in the background those would be some rare goods.

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PostFri Sep 12, 14 12:04 pm    Nice work gentlemen! Reply with quote

Just like the title of that Rolling Stones song, "You can't always get what you want", I didn't get anyone (that I know of anyways) riding under the I-205 bridge yesterday, but I did get something better as I don't know of anyone doing this before at RR.

Excellent work! Did you guys milk it and take your time or did you just bomb it?


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PostSun Sep 14, 14 6:06 am     Reply with quote

Nice work Thumb's Up

White kites work really really well - crashing into land at night can be bad for your health (this also applies to powerboats Laughing )

Go Deep!

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