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Board Meeting Minutes - May 2009

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PostMon Jun 01, 09 7:07 am    Board Meeting Minutes - May 2009 Reply with quote

Board Meeting Minutes
Board Meeting Minutes: May 9th, 2008
Port of Hood River Hood River, Oregon

Board Members:
Present: Jim Grady , Nicole Doolittle, Adam Monaghan, Mark Barnes, Brett Kelly, Steve Fisher, Henry Rico, Pepi Gerald
Absent: Cory Roeseler, Tonia Farman, Forrest Rae, Garret Zallen
Quorum present? Yes
Others Present:
John Headly
Phillip Holmstrand
Nate – Air Pirates Kiteboarding
Nate Appel
Taylor Barnes
Jody Lapdius

Meeting called to order at 7:00 p.m. by President, Jim Grady
Last meeting minutes were amended and approved via email a copy was emailed to all board members.

Open member discussion –
Members introduced themselves, Board introduced themselves to everyone.
Nate trying to get access to a spot on the Washington side of Jones Beach
Nate Appel – slider party this summer

Viento –
Pepi met with Andy (Park Ranger). Make a clearing w/out cutting down trees 30 x 30m spot. Open up the alley way to see from parking area to water. Andy wants to see it become more popular for recreation users. What can we do to help windsurfers, kiters and people just hanging out there. They would like to get more users there camping and using the beach. Sandbar is getting over crowded and the more spots we can get open to kiters the better. It will help reduce the congestion at the Sandbar if we improve Viento. Pepi is working on an aerial map and is going to talk to landscaper about all the poison oak. Andy can do a lot of the work and can bring in a team to help. He will do a lot of the cutting and we can just help do a small clean up twice a year to maintain it. Pepi is hoping to get it done by this spring.

Rooster –
Mark – The sign that says “dogs not allow on the beach” is in the way for kiters. Mark talked to Kevin and Glenn (park rangers). They will move the sign so kites won’t catch on it and they will move two small trees at top of ramp that are in the way. Kevin and Glenn want the CGKA to throw a party there this summer to promote the site.

Stevenson –
About 36 kiters showed up to the clean up. Together they moved a dump truck of rock in less then an hour. Moved a ton of large boulders, and added a bunch of gravel for an east side launch. It’s a very advance launch on Easterlies. Couldn’t get the water down low, the dam people called and said the water was just coming to fast due to the nice weather the week before. The dam will lower it if we want to do another one later this spring.

Eventsite –
You can’t walk on the path they made to the water because it’s too narrow and the small trees will cut your feet. There is no way to carry the kite through the trees. The sign that is posted can’t be seen. Some members of the Waterfront Recreation Committee don’t want people to upwind of that path but there is no safe way for kiters to walk on that path. We need to show proof that kiters are using the Eventsite more then windsurfers on certain days. Might need to get Michael from the port to show him the line doesn’t work and is not safe for kiters to get to the water.

Sandbar clean up –
Clean up in the morning and start Demo at noon or 1 pm. Motion passed to have clean up on the morning of the 20th.

Free ride event/rail jam- Nate and Pepi
June 19th – pro kiters are coming to town. They will be dumping two dump trucks of snow down to the sandbar. Table that till next meeting. Photo video shoot Friday the 19th.

Election –
Nate – very involved in kiting he has taught, worked at shops and been kiting for a while.

Phil – Janet not here but we have all seen that she always puts 200%. She works very hard. She organized

Melissa – lives in Bingen and helped with the Olympics and is helping with KB4C. Out of town for winter but can call in to meetings.

Mark – Ken is a doctor from Portland. Very nice guy.

Results of the election –
Nate is voted in, Janet is voted in.

Website –
Nicole showed the website she made up. She is going to work with Adam and Brett to join the two sites.

Other business:
Member suggestion from Joe – might consider putting brochures at schools. Nicole will get some printed up and get them to the schools.

Steve – Jeff at Slingshot asked to make Bridge of Gods bigger and cooler this year. Going to have winch system at the lagoon and park. Live music, bbq, beer garden, video and photo contest. Camping $15 a tent, $20 for electrical, stand up paddleboard. July 10-12th. No wind all actives will be at the fair grounds. Event is called Slingstock.

Blowout – July 25th – Nicole and Steve are working on planning it. We are trying to get the APS bus to shuttle people from HR to Stevenson. New rules this year…If you don’t make it to a certain point where if you don’t make it by a certain hour then they are out. There will be a timeline to pull people out.

Brett - Weekly kiting series – Viento to HR down winder. Maybe get the bus to help.

Meeting adjourned at 9pm.

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PostWed Jun 10, 09 10:29 pm     Reply with quote

Hi Guys,
I just was reviewing the minutes and noticed that Mark mentioned my name regarding a board position. I had expressed interest to Bettyboarder about running for one of the open positions. My only desire was to find some way to be of service. Bettyboarder said I should submit a personal statement- which I never did. I didn't submit a statement because I have not been keeping up on the CGKA issues on the forum. I decided that I shouldn't run for a position because I havent been paying attention.

At any rate, I decided I could be of service to the community by doing something for KB4C (as I have done in the 2 years previously), and that I should stick around and be more active in CGKA before running for a position. I am interested in helping in some way so please let me know if there is something I can do. I don't really have any need to run for an elected or nominated position. I just want to lend a hand.

Kenneth Lie 503-367-8075

Does this cover my thunder?

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PostThu Jun 11, 09 5:54 am     Reply with quote

Thanks for the note, the elections are over. Help is always needed and appreciated. KB4C is a great event. Thanks for helping in the past. Feel free to come to the meetings if you want to be more involved.

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