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Sand Spit Parking Fee
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PostThu Apr 28, 05 6:50 am    Yeah Reply with quote

When I say go somewhere else that is free, I don't mean out of Hood River. There are other places to launch a kite within 10 minutes from Hood River. Also I don't think that people were begging them to redo the road down there. Im sure that some of you were wishing that they would. But if for "Maintaining" the road we would have to pay a fee that sounds lame. I really don't see what else the fee would be for since they havent done anything else at all to improve the area. If you compare the sandbar to the Marina, which one seems like the logical place to charge at. Plus the Marina is a much more touristy location and in the Summer many more people go to the beach there than to the sandbar. The port would make twice as much money charging there as they would at the sandbar, and at least at the marina there is something to charge for.

I'm also not saying that I wouldnt pay for the parking pass, because I know that I would but what I'm saying is I don't want there to be a fee implemented in the first place, because I do not agree or even know what the money will be going to.

I heart dangling

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PostThu Apr 28, 05 8:08 am     Reply with quote

Cool, so if I pay the fee do I also then get to launch at the Event Site and Marina... Or, as a kiteboarder will I still be considered a second class citizen and have to remain at the sandbar where the Port put us in the first place. Yeah, remember back when there were only a handful of us and we were considered a nusance? Looks like they suddenly see us "kiteboarders" as a source of revenue without having to put too much infastructure up. The Event Site and Marina did not have to start paying fees until the lots were nicely paved, stadium seating put in, and permanent facilities installed.

Make that happen at the Sandbar and I'll glady pay up... Until then, I remain very skeptical of the Port's motives.



PostThu Apr 28, 05 9:05 am    letter from the port to me regarding user fee Reply with quote

Thank you for your inquiry about the $2 user fee at the Spit.

The Port discussed this fee with our Waterfront Recreation Committee, comprised of local citizens/water recreationists and two Port Commissioners, which recommended the fee to the full Port Commission.

Basically, the Port needs a way to maintain access at the Spit. The recent Spit improvement cost about $12,000 and the Port must recoup that total from user fees. Since the Port has a very modest tax base, we must rely on user fees to pay for improvements.

By instituting this user fee this season, the Port can begin to pay for the recent improvement plus collect funds to maintain the Spit. We also believe that the person collecting the user fee can help explain to the non-kiteboarding community what activities are occurring off the Spit and alert them to any safety issues. We do hear safety concerns from non-kiteboarders who visit the Spit many simply have little knowledge of the sport, its equipment and any potential hazard. We plan to distribute information via the Spit ticket booth to help in this education process and to hopefully help kiteboarding safer for users and spectators alike.

The Port has no intention of dampening the growth of kiteboarding. Rather, we want to ensure there are funds available to encourage kiteboarding access.

Spit users can purchase an Event Site season pass for $50 and it will provide Spit access all season. At the same time, kiteboarders will know that they are contributing some funds (either $2 a day or $50 for a season pass) to preserve access for their sport in future seasons.

Thanks again for contacting the Port.


Mike Doke

Marketing Manager

720 E. Port Marina Drive

P.O. Box 239

Hood River OR 97031

Office Phone: (541) 386-1645

Direct Line: (541) 386-5116


PostThu Apr 28, 05 9:09 am     Reply with quote

the last post, the letter from Mike Doke from the Port, is a reply to a letter I sent yesterday inquiring about the fee.

I thought you all would like to see his response.


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PostThu Apr 28, 05 9:28 am     Reply with quote

Hmmm $50 or $2 a trip... not sure if I go to the Sandbar 25 times a year or not, especially with all the other free places with less kookage.

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PostThu Apr 28, 05 11:21 am     Reply with quote

This is lame. The port collects concession fees from the schools on the sandbar. Last I heard it was 5k per school. I would imagine that there is a annual maintainence fee associated with this concession fee as well.

So here is my summer 'fee' schedule for living in the Gorge:

$50 Sandbar Fee
$50/month in Bridge Fare Tickets
$50 Hatchery/Dougs parking Fee
$35 Forest Pass

Now that they are charging at the sandbar, they'll probably start charging at the hook as well. And apparently they are considering raising the bridge toll to a buck.

As a quasi-public entity the port doesnt seem to be doing much for the public other than providing subsidized mooring for the marina folks (they pay about $250 a year which is WAY below the norm for moorage) and having a boat ramp for the PWC users and fishermen... Id really like to see their agenda changed to one that actually benefits all the river users.


Since 21 Apr 2005
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PostThu Apr 28, 05 12:17 pm     Reply with quote

A cover charge at the "Gay Bar"??? Sweet...

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PostThu Apr 28, 05 1:23 pm    Vote em out!!! Reply with quote

There are upcoming elections for the Port positions in early May... Just a FYI that both Cory Roeseler and Lars Bergstrum are running. Both of these guys are long time Gorge residents that actually get out and use the water like those on this forum.

Fortunately Cory and Lars are running for different seats on the Port and the windsurfing/kiting community can effectively get two of our own in the "Good Ole Boys" club. I plan to exercise my vote, and if your a registered Hood River voter please take a second and vote as well.

Bammer... out!


Since 25 Apr 2005
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PostThu Apr 28, 05 3:18 pm     Reply with quote

OK, so we have to pay the fee, where do you purchase it? When does it go into effect?

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Since 23 Apr 2005
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PostThu Apr 28, 05 7:06 pm     Reply with quote

I have to side with the skeptics on the Port's real's about money and getting a handle on this sport to some degree.

12K to groom a 500ft stretch of road and put up a few 'slow signs'.... I'm not sure anyone thought this was even needed, unless you were tired of grinding out your lowrider. What burns is the port authority making expensive improvements on our dollar without input from the kiting community - the same people that will pay the bulk of the user fees, and pay them indefinitely. Sounds like it's just going to come out of our pockets - whether we like what the money is spent on or not. The port needed a reason to install a pay meter, and improving the road was a surefire way to initiate the process.

So $50 bucks a year and little talk to real future 'improvements', except flyers for sightseers at the ticket booth. I guess we should be happy that the Port recognizes kiteboarding as something lucrative. It's in there self interest to see kiteboarding grow, in light of the money and exposure windsurfing brought to HR over the years...I can't even imagine what the calculation on this would look like.

Anyway, this is just one persons opinion, but hopefully the new council members will give this topic another review in the year ahead and weigh out our input more seriously.

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PostThu Apr 28, 05 10:50 pm    Who asked the Port to fix the road ? Reply with quote

Who said the road needed 12K in improvements ?

The road at the Hook was in much worse shape.

I am sure a bunch of volunteers could have done the job too.

Where is the voice of kiters in these matters ?
Is the GKA still around ?


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PostSat Apr 30, 05 9:53 am    from the estormwarning message board.... Reply with quote

Fee'ed Up
Posted on 4/28/2005 9:50:53 AM on

Hmmm, lets get this straight.. The Port treats kiters like the red headed bastard child, puts us down in the "undeveloped" part of town, and now that our numbers are up they have decided to start charging? If I remember correctly back in history, both the Marina and Event Site were "upgraded" before we had to pay to play there.

So, if I have to start buying a pass from the Port... does that mean as a pay to play water sports guy that I can come and play at both the Marina and Event Site? Only seems fair...

Upgrade the kite area and I would be happy to kick in a users fee, but without the facilities it just seems like a capitalization on the Port's part of another sporting trend that is responsible for vitalizing the general economy.



PostSat Apr 30, 05 9:55 am    from the e-stormwarning message board... Reply with quote

Posted on 4/28/2005 1:00:18 PM at

Port tried charging at the hook years ago without making any improvements, but people simply went somewhere else. Problem with kiters is that they got nowhere else to go, no choices... Port has got kiters by the tail !!


PostFri May 06, 05 10:41 am     Reply with quote

Reply to "So, if I have to start buying a pass from the Port... does that mean as a pay to play water sports guy that I can come and play at both the Marina and Event Site?"

So both the spit and the event site both could have 50 plus people at each prospective location. At the Spit, theoretically the people understand the danger of kites and kite lines. The people at the event site have no clue.

As a fellow Kiter, would you really launch your kite among all those innocent, kite-clue-less, pedestrians? If so I will have some additional comments for you.

People have been paying for water access in the Gorge for a long long time; Swell City, The Hatch, Event Site, Maryhill S.P., Services have been provided, however minimal, you still get to park your car and access the River. Paying is part of the deal.

One alternative is you could buy you own piece of land on the Columbia, but of course that involves all kinds of other fees. You could drive to Arlington, but that cost much more than $2. How about risking the Rail Road Track Fine - now that's big bucks.

$2 a day or $50 annually, is cheap!!! Movie= 6 to $10 bucks, Downhill Resort riding 40 to $70 day, 2 bucks is about 20 minutes in your car.

Get over it, let's ride!


PostWed May 11, 05 9:42 am    Trees Reply with quote

Ok so I wrote the previous post ( "let's ride").
But Why the hell did they have to cut down the Tree (s).
Pretty Darn Stupid!
I see them grading the lot right now, on the Storm Warning Cam.


Since 27 Feb 2005
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PostWed May 11, 05 9:59 am    Re: Trees Reply with quote

Anonymous wrote:
Ok so I wrote the previous post ( "let's ride").
But Why the hell did they have to cut down the Tree (s).
Pretty Darn Stupid!
I see them grading the lot right now, on the Storm Warning Cam.

I agree, kind of sad cutting down the trees... it was a nice little wind shadow and cool to see a little green. Besides I don't think that there was really a shortage of parking area, was there?

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PostWed May 11, 05 10:22 am     Reply with quote

There was a shortage if your the Port and you're out to squeeze every cent they can get out of it!

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