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Ozone Uno opinions?

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Since 12 Jan 2009
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PostMon Aug 23, 21 11:54 am    Ozone Uno opinions? Reply with quote

i'm in the market for a new 6m, and the uno interests me. i like the looks, and the price.

i ride a mako, and mostly ride swell and mow the lawn. mostly launch at the event site and rooster. I'm about 135lbs, and I seem to like surf slanted all around kites.

I see a good deal of people foiling on this kite, but otherwise don't seem them on the water. And there is very little info on line about them. And what info there is seems mostly to be the ozone teaching - kids kite text from their website.

anyone have first hand experience with the uno? how would it work for punchy gorge conditions on a twin tip?

thanks for any info.

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Since 08 Jul 2011
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PostMon Aug 23, 21 2:02 pm    It works Reply with quote

We use them at the school for both kiteboarding and snowkiting, and ice kiting. We have some neighbors in Baja that spend all winter foiling on them.

It is designed and marketed still as a fully trimmable (acck sorry de-power-able) kite.

Like most other kites though, flying consistently with too much trim and your likely to have it drop on you when the gust variances are big.

Your weight makes it an ideal kite.

What about the kite interest you? Anything specific?

"I have often regretted my speech, never my silence" ~Xenocrates

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Since 12 Jan 2009
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PostMon Aug 23, 21 3:14 pm     Reply with quote

freeride K, thanks.
what i like about the kite is the price and that it should work thru the ever present downs around the event site. Also, i just like the look (ashamed to admit that is important too). the 4.5m version if i decide i want to a smaller kite is a good thing too.

but what i have no idea about is how it will handle the gusts/over powered conditions.
And like it said, i have never seen anyone using it other than foiling.

So i am pretty confident that the low end is low enough, but not confident about it handles on the high end. If it has the "typical range" of a modern 6m, i'd be happy.

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PostTue Aug 24, 21 11:57 am     Reply with quote

I am biased, as I am a retailer that sells the UNO kite, but I also rode a 4m as my nuker foiling kite for over a year.

The positives :
The UNO is an awesome flying kite for teaching due to it's relaunch characteristics and it's fairly quick/responsive turning and power/depower capabilities. These same things also made this kite a fairly popular choice for some of our high-performance kitefoilers who wanted a super light, responsive and also well-behaved swell riding kite.

The negatives :
The UNO was made specifically for light weight or lighter load use (ie - lessons and youth use). That being, understood, it did work well for foiling with adults (I weigh in at 200lbs) who purchased the kite understanding that if they tomahawked or rag-dolled the kite a few too many times, it might not survive and was not covered under warranty. So far (knock on wood) we have not had any kites come back to our shop with any damage reports.

You mention wanting to ride it with a twin tip, which is perfectly fine. It will launch, land, power, depower, turn, spin, and do anything you need it to do as good as any high performance kite. BUT (this is the speech we give our UNO adult customers) you are paying for a kite that is not built or reinforced as strongly as a normal high performance kite. In order for it to have a long and happy life, you will need to treat is as such (no dragging it on the beach, or self launch/landing on abrasive surfaces)
*Dan (FreerideKiter) may also be able to weigh in on this, as he used them in his kite school and could weight in on the durability via his school use.

My semi biased and experienced 2 cents Wink

PS - We have all 3 sizes currently in stock at Pure Stoke Sports if you wish to check them out. It is a regular kite inventory item that we sell year-round.


Pure Stoke Sports
Hood River, OR

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Since 09 Oct 2008
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PostTue Aug 24, 21 2:40 pm     Reply with quote

I ride the Reo kites exclusively, and find them to have great range! The high end on the 6 and 7m is exceptional. The handling smooth and precise, the durability outstanding. I find the short “throw” of the kite to be indispensable when wave and/or swell riding.

I have friends that ride Edge, and Enduro and dig their kites. Each kite supports a different overall style....I don’t know about the uno. I do know, don’t buy a kite based on price unless your budget demands it....get the kite that fits and supports your style of riding!!!

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Since 12 Jan 2009
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PostTue Aug 24, 21 8:28 pm     Reply with quote

thanks to all for the good info. Sure sounds like the Uno could work for me.

the Enduro is on my list too, as well as few others. But the Uno actually interested me before i found out it was about 1/2 the price of the other options.

now just need to figure out what want to do.

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