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Launch, land, or...

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PostSat Sep 05, 20 3:59 am    Launch, land, or... Reply with quote

Get the heck out of the way!!

Yesterday (Friday evening) was ridiculous behavior on the sandbar (Event Site). Crowded can be annoying but is usually manageable by following the unwritten protocols... so here they are spelled out for you:

1. Talking on your cell phone with multiple kites pumped up and your gear strewn about the beach while many people are fighting for space is not cool. Pay attention and help people launch and land, or leave the sandbar - it's bad enough with non-kiting tourists. There is cell reception in the parking lot, honest.

2. Run your lines downwind - but only when you're heading out. Wrap them up when you come in, or at least get them out of the way. Other launching kiters are generally cool enough to not want to run over yours, but last weekend there was a kite with lines in the same position when I came back after an hour and a half session. If you're not kiting, let others do so safely please - taking up space here creates a safety issue, not just convenience.

3. Don't leave your crap sitting at the west, upwind side of the beach where people can't walk around them and they create a safety hazard for people launching and landing. Especially don't do this while sitting next to it with your back upwind eating a snack or what-not. Get your crap out of the way, pay it forward by landing some people, and/or get your ass out of the way and socialize, read, chat, or whatever else on the grass or in the parking lot. Move your kite further into the beach (eastward, downwind) after securing your lines and board if you plan to head out for another session... think of the sandbar as an aircraft carrier runway.

4. Why kite just in front of the beach and not go upwind? Nobody cares that you can bunny hop now. When you see someone riding a surfboard downwind from the hatch they're often underpowered. Is this a good time to look at them and then try a lame jump directly downwind while they're sheeting out to give you time and space to ride? (The answer is NO!). This goes for both adults and children - watched a gorge veteran have to lecture a set of local children for yet another time not to race back and forth directly off the beach... then watched several adults doing the same thing. It's a big dammed river - kite upwind (if you're not still learning to).

If you got yelled at that a kite was coming down on your head or you were in danger of taught lines coming across you, I'm sorry, but you may have been able to prevent that. Your complacency is jeopardizing other peoples' safety there - kiters landing are often in a vulnerable position, so please help them instead of hindering them.

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PostSat Sep 05, 20 7:46 am     Reply with quote

The other thing that drives me crazy is people launch their kite and stand on the sandbar and talk with their buddies for 10 minutes with their kite in the air. The airspace is very congested already and these inconsiderate kiters make it worse!

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PostSat Sep 05, 20 7:55 am     Reply with quote

Re: ridiculous behaviour on the sand bar... there is a group of kiter boys around 9-13 y of age who have been here for weeks and who think they are hot sh*t and who behave recklessly on the most crowded days. While I understand that age comes with a certain amount of self-centeredness and blissful unawareness of the larger world, I think it is up to their parents (you know who you are) to be aware of the risks they pose to others around them and regulate them accordingly.
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PostSat Sep 05, 20 8:37 am     Reply with quote

I agree 100% with your notes. Especially people leaving all their lines out and nowhere to be seen. Another note I would make is regarding water rescues. This year has been an all time high for me for the amount of rescues i have been involved in. Yesterday, someone lost their twin tip, I went up found one, brought it back to him and then he said it wasn’t the right one! I went back to look for another one but no luck so down he went back to the sand bar with a found board.
But I am also fortunate enough to have a small power boat that I take my kids up to Wells for some kiting and playing. We have rescued countless kiters this year. Most of our rescues, people have been super knowledgeable, and listen exactly as to how we are going to do it. A few, don’t listen.
When I ask if you need a rescue and you respond yes, please remember I have my kids in the boat or they are sailing also so I’m trying to keep an eye on them.
Once you are ready to be rescued, let me motor just upwind of you, then I will shut my engine off. First thing is to pass up your board to me. Then I will ask you to swim to the back of the boat still connected to your kite. If you have released but still connected to the kite, same plan. Just swim to the back, get out of the water using the swim platform. At the same time, I will reach over and grab your lines and start pulling the kite in. Once you are on the boat, please wind up your lines while i pull the the kite in. Once I have the kite, I’m going to disconnect all the lines and deflate the kite. Then you get a ride to the sand bar or some other area of land.
Almost all the people I have helped have been very attentive, but a few make life very difficult.
Remember that in the boat is also likely my kite gear, boards, dry clothes... so please respect our gear.


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PostSat Sep 05, 20 9:11 am     Reply with quote

I'm with you @shred_da_gorge

-What's up with everyone stringing their lines across the wind these days? Sure seems to take up way less room when you string them straight down wind.

-Don't kite in front of the sandbar unless you are launching or landing. Doing tricks in front of the buoys is impressing no one, and you are not as rad as you think, otherwise you wouldn't be doing tricks in front of the sandbar.

Grom Crew (and your parents) don't make Cohn teach your kids everything both at school and on the beach hahaha Very Happy


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