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Gorge lesson recommendations?
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PostSun Aug 05, 18 5:03 pm     Reply with quote

It's been said but I'll add another vote for Cascade Kiteboarding in Hood River. Why?

1. Jetski assisted, but also two-way radios. No matter how far you get from your instructor they are still right in your ear with feedback, rather than yelling from afar. Helps you progress much faster.

2. Lessons are mainly held upwind of Wells Island, it's still shallow enough to stand but you avoid all the crowds at the sandbar.

3. Every lesson ended with a deep-water self-rescue. INVALUABLE. I had to self-rescue yesterday after a foul hook and even though it had been longer than I'd care to admit since I'd practiced it, I still handled it well and kept calm. That only comes with practice.

That and they're major supporters of Kiteboard 4 Cancer (their owner is the founder of the event) so good karma points all around.


Also, one comment above on boards about "the bigger the better" and I'll add a word of caution there. It's true that some learning is better on bigger boards but if you go too big, the Gorge winds will make you pay for it. Ask for advice on a board for your size for Gorge winds, as it may be different than at non-Gorge sites. I went with the "bigger the better" philosophy and ended up with a great board for winds up to 18mph or so, but after that it was too much to handle.

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PostMon Aug 06, 18 12:24 pm     Reply with quote

Just one parting thought on the lesson thread...

Not sure how much it matters which of the various professionals or locations one chooses...rather it IS very important to pick one of them.

My path has included a combination. Got going with Cascade great experience all around, spent time at Floras which was invaluable and also more recently opened my eyes to Jones and other spots near sandbars. Impossible to say which is best vs. each other but it's VERY EASY to say any and all of them are imperative to getting started.

What has been most impressive in my short learning phase has been the amazingly positive, helpful and welcoming guidance of the entire kiting community. I seem to pick up several gems every time I get on the water.

So a BIG THANK YOU to those of you who are keeping the positive stoke alive and welcoming us newcomers to this great sport. Alternatively, to those few of you who even I can tell haven't been thru a proper training (P.S. if I can spot dangerous behavior - that's NOT good) consider one of the many great opportunities listed in this thread to get some basic training and we will ALL be THANKFUL, especially those of us downwind Shocked


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