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ikitesurf classifieds scam

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Since 08 Jul 2012
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PostFri Jun 08, 18 2:56 pm    ikitesurf classifieds scam Reply with quote

Hi all-
Wanted to draw attention to a new scam tactic that I haven't seen before. Found a carbon foil and board in the classified section on iKitesurf for $800 (spotz). Description below:

Spotz 3tuna full carbon foil and board, the foil has been raced tuned and is 100% silent and very fast,
Board is full carbon with straps and spare deck pad, the board has a few small repairs courtesy of Jetstar, but is guaranteed watertight!,
This is an amazing freeride/race setup at a bargain price!

OK, seems like the guy knows something about foils and seems legit. I contact the guy and he is super responsive, asks for my address and for a payment on Google Pay (which seemed weird to me at the time but for some reason I ignored that little voice in my head). Anyway, send the payment and my address and he said he would send me a tracking number which never showed up. Emailed him a few times about the tracking silence.

Got suspicious and google searched the images in his ad and lo and behold they showed up in another ad located in Australia 22 days ago with an identical text description. Called google pay and cancelled the payment and nothing bad came of it but thought it was an interesting method of a scammer who likely knows nothing about kite gear creating a credible appearing ad by reposting an ad from another site.

I realize that my gullibility likely played a role here but wanted to let others know. I think I will be google searching images from now on and or asking for a specific photo (pigtails, foil wings, etc) to ensure that the seller actually has the item... or just dealing in person locally.

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Since 10 Jan 2009
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Eugene. Or

PostSat Jun 09, 18 10:58 am     Reply with quote

I would say you were lucky to be able to stop payment in time!

So how does a buyer protect himself from having paid but not receiving the goods?
Or how does a seller protect himself from delivering the goods but not getting paid?

Obviously I am a newbie user of the classifieds. There must be some mechanism to deal with a potential scam like this one.

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Since 21 Jun 2015
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White Salmon

PostSat Jun 09, 18 1:46 pm     Reply with quote

Buyers should use PayPal to pay. You’ll state that you are “paying for goods”. Don’t be talked into checking the “sending a gift” box. With Paypal transactions the seller pays the Paypal fee. (Around 3%). If things go south, you can start an action with Paypal, and usually recover your funds. Paypal almost always sides with the buyer.

As a seller, you accept Paypal, and nothing ships until you have a payment. Ship with tracking, insurance, and a signature required. If your buyer is a scammer you’ll still have problems. So spend some time qualifying interested buyers. Talk to them on the phone, generate some email. I’ll create a Paypal invoice that lists what is being sold and terms, and wait for payment.

Funds sit in your paypal account until you spend the dough on more gear or ask for a transfer to your checking account.

Do your own due diligence by opening clear communications with the other party.

I buy and sell lots of music gear on a forum called Talkbass. Members can give feedback on any transactions from the Talkbass classifieds. Ikitesurf should consider adding this feature. We aren’t that big of a community compared to say, bass players, or guitar pickers. A good forum should have some sort of feedback feature so you can be confident when buying and selling.

I’d suggest looking at a seller’s other posts and participation on a website. Is the guy a new member, or someone who has been posting for years?

As always, a cash and carry local deal is best. But we don’t all live in the Gorge with a flood tide of used gear available. And deals that look to good to be true probably are.

I’ve bought all of my kite gear used, through NW kite, or swaps. Never had an issue. Never been burned on a music gear deal either. Just use some common sense and a bit of caution.

Craigslist is the worst for scammers, and thieves selling stolen stuff, but oftentimes the best deals. EBay has just become a waste of time.imo
I had to use the Paypal recovery system a couple time with eBay sellers who never delivered. (Snowboard stuff) . I got the dough back, but it took weeks and was a hassle. No more EBay for me.
Most folks are honest and a pleasure to deal with.

Pull the cork.

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Since 10 Jan 2009
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Eugene. Or

PostSat Jun 09, 18 1:53 pm     Reply with quote

Thanks for the extensive explanation Singlemalt. The steps you recommend don't make the deal perfectly secure but, at least, fewer "sweaty palms till the money is in the bank".

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Since 21 Jan 2014
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PostSat Jun 09, 18 9:15 pm     Reply with quote

this guy has been plaguing ikitesurf classified for quite a while. Same MO every time, posts an ad from another site, uses the same text (you can search a key phrase with quote marks, eg "zeeko is the best" and it'll find the other ad). The initial giveaways are a price that's too good to be true for something that is in high demand and locations that are not normal kite hotspots. The real giveaway is refusal to use paypal.

My friend nearly got scammed. I told him him to ask seller to email a photo of him, with drivers license, in front of the foil ... he didn't like that much, called him all kinds of names for accusing him of being a scammer, etc.

I've complained to IK numerous times, they are apologetic and quick to take down ads (whether complained about or not), but I am surprised they can't use IP or something to shut this scammer down.

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Wind Slither

Since 04 Mar 2005
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The 503

PostTue Jun 12, 18 5:05 am     Reply with quote

Not a fan of PayPal. When I got scammed on eBay, they wanted to spend 6 months giving the seller a chance to "make it right". I told them someone who sends a fake tracking number and goes dark is not going to "make it right".

Thankfully my Visa credited me right away. And there is no "stopping the payment in time". As soon as you send the payment the scammers got his money. I've sold a ton of gear on iKite sometimes surprised how trusting people are. I let them know they can call my local shop if they want to check on my "realness".

Careful out there. With all these new screw-ball ways to pay and get paid it's a field day for scammers. Sad

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Since 05 Jul 2009
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PostTue Jun 12, 18 7:14 am    Use a Bank Credit Card to pay via PayPal Reply with quote

Wind Slither wrote:
Not a fan of PayPal.
Thankfully my Visa credited me right away. Sad

Use a Bank Credit Card to pay via PayPal or Ebay

1. Check & override payment settings:
My Paypal account will default to paying from a) any cash credit sitting in Paypal or b) bank account links in my profile over the safer choice (Visa Card payment method).

2. Use a VISA or American Express to pay through Paypal. It is said "Bank Cards" provide extra layers of (fraud insurance & legal muscle) to your position.

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Since 11 Feb 2006
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PostWed Jun 13, 18 6:04 pm     Reply with quote

dont feel bad

I bought 20 cell phones for work on ebay, very specific make, model and OS
from highly rated, high volume international seller

package arrived wrapped in entire roll of duct tape - didnt bode well

battled thru to find 20 perfect new original packaged phones - score

powered one up and it was a Chinese bios - seller says "No backs"

ebay and paypal - where no help
luckily i choose American Express (like Kmun suggested) and they stopped payment

emailed the guy to verify the return address and he was all "YOU GOT ME!!!"

he was probably surprised to get the phones back - wrapped in two rolls of duct tape

Go Deep!

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