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Wingy Dingy

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Since 05 May 2017
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Kihei Hey Hey

PostTue Aug 03, 21 4:09 am    Wingy Dingy Reply with quote

I'm getting ready to take the plunge into the Wingy Dingy Foil world. I weigh 220 Lbs and I'm gonna buy a first board for foil Winging.
Anybody in my weight class have advice?

My ultimate target is a board to learn on and then use in very light to moderate wind conditions.

I'm leaning towards Duotone and or Slingy but I'm doing my homework.

Miss the Gorge,

Side on shore and so much more.

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Since 25 Jun 2019
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PostTue Aug 03, 21 4:40 am     Reply with quote

It depends on many factors but for someone with foiling experience who is reasonably fit, AND is willing to flop around a bit, + 20 to +40 L is a reasonable starting point. But that may not end up being your light wind board long term.

Intermediate and better wingers can use a +5 to +10 for "light winds" and a minus board for regular to strong wind days.

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Wind Slither

Since 04 Mar 2005
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The 503

PostTue Aug 03, 21 10:35 am     Reply with quote

FWIW, my friend learned on a 150L and moved down to a 100L. He said he would not take out the 150L for reasons of light wind. Says he's just as efficient with the 100L. He's 185lbs.

I'm currently on a 144L waiting for my 110L to arrive. I would say when the wind really dies it's nice to have some float under you.

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Since 12 Nov 2008
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Local, not Low Cal
XTreme Poster

PostTue Aug 03, 21 5:57 pm     Reply with quote

I picked up a SIC Marlin convertible which is 7'8", 127L, and can be used for wave SUP, flatwater SUP (kinda), SUP foil, windfoil, and beginner winging. I'm 185#. I'm probably in the minority as a crossover windfoiler/kitefoiler (beginner) rather than going straight to the wing thing but I wanted all of the options so have been watching the 'do it all board' market for a few years now. More $$ than I've ever paid for styrofoam, but I don't think the supply chain will change anytime soon, I'm helping the local economy, plus you can't take it with you. Also being a Scotsman by lineage spending that much money means I'll force myself to squeeze every last penny from it resulting in foil mastership (yeah, right).

Comparing the SIC to Slingy (Shred Sled, Wizard V3), the padding is perfectly placed, and the footstrap options are more like what I would use for wing or windfoil. For pure wing foiling, depending on your weight (and balance skills), you may want something smaller. Most convertibles I tried just didn't check all the boxes, and the rough skin just doesn't cut it for my knees and feet, so pad configuration was especially key to my purchasing decision. I saw an old friend recently come in from an intermediate wing session with the tops of his feet torn to shreds! Now that being said, I will soon start wearing booties regardless, because as careful as I've been I've already kicked the foil resulting in an ouchie and will err on the safe side regardless that my foil is as dull as a butterknife from kooking it into various shorelines.

The SIC just look and feel like quality boards, not that Slingy isn't (I own two Slingy kitesurf boards and love 'em), but if you buy right now I think you're at the mercy of available stock. (Gorge Performance has some SIC, but I'm more loyal to Big Winds... RIP Steve). I think your choice is go bigger and risk outgrowing it, or go smaller and face a tougher learning curve - my choice was between 140-something L Shred Sled or 114L Wizard or 125L Dialer with Tuttle box (plus way too wide) or JP Foil or Starboard Hypernut (too windfoil-specific and too long), and the Marlin was my Goldilocks... I've SUPped and windfoiled it already and freaking adore it; dreaming of someday paddling from Viento to the ES on foil like those much younger and/or fitter than me are posting on youtube (yeah Rod!).

The other factor I considered is vehicle fit. Good luck!

P.S. was going to post the link to Gorge Performance's Marlin but they sold it. Here's the manufacturer link: (Also note I have no manufacturer loyalty to disclaim).

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Since 12 Jun 2014
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The Dalles

PostWed Aug 04, 21 5:35 am     Reply with quote

I weigh 210 and started on a 130 L Quattro 6'0 that had more than enough float to get me going. I bought it in the spring, proficient now, and the board is still great to use. I am going to down size to a smaller board next week and will be selling my Quattro 6'0. It has a few scuffs but nothing major or compromising. I am selling the board and bag for $1100.
See you on the water.

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Since 05 May 2017
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Kihei Hey Hey

PostSat Aug 07, 21 3:29 am    It's complicated.... Reply with quote

So, I weigh 231lbs, sorta fat, and I have very little foil experience, but I'm confident I'll pick it up quickly when I have access to wind.

Currently I'm living in New Mexico and there is not very much wind, but some. I figure I'll be floating and chasing gusts here on lakes, mostly.

I really appreciate the advice and recommendations. I'm leaning towards a good beg. board that is around 140 to 150 ltrs. Does that sound about right?

I was in Maui and my friends who are kiter's all started on big floaty boards and 4 to 5 mtr. wings. Of course the wind their is very consistent so the Wing is small.

Thanks for all the experience and advice,

Side on shore and so much more.

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Since 15 Aug 2008
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PostSat Aug 07, 21 6:18 am    What about foil size? Reply with quote

I have read the tips on board sizing - take your weight in kg and add 20-30 to get the volume you need (in liters) for a beginner. But you may progress to a smaller board pretty quickly.

But what about foil size?

It seems like you can take your weight in lbs and multiply by 10 to get a good front wing area (in cm^3) - 200 lbs = 2000 cm^3, but will you also progress to a smaller foil as you get better/faster or do most people stay on a larger foil?

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Since 02 Aug 2012
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PostSat Aug 07, 21 10:43 am     Reply with quote

I'm about 80kg and started on a big 2000+ front foil wing. I got rid of it pretty quickly and I'm much happier on a 1300 high aspect front wing and perhaps should have gone even smaller. That said, I did a lot of kite foiling on much smaller foils before learning to wing foil. So once I figured out how to fly the hand wing and got up on the foil things quickly felt pretty natural.

So I'd say if you have significant kite foiling experience the only reason to get a bigger front foil would be if you are heavier or if you are trying to wing-ding in very light winds (not worth it in my opinion, better to kite foil).

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Since 25 Jun 2019
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PostSat Aug 07, 21 5:27 pm     Reply with quote

Foil sizing is less straightforward than board sizing. In addition to surface area, the aspect ratio and foil section shape makes a huge difference in performance characteristics. In general as wingers progress, they do downsize foils and go to higher aspect ratios. The easiest foils for a beginner are low aspect and large. They are more forgiving but slower and have less glide. Smaller, higher aspect foils are the opposite. At 70 kg, I first learned to wing foil (after lots of kite foiling) with a 2400 cm2 foil (aspect ratio around 3.5). A year later, my go to foil is 1125 with AR around 10. So much more fun in the river swell. Hope this helps.

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